A Basic Ceviche Recipe that amended with virtually any kind of fish


Ceviche or Seviche, commonplace throughout the lower Americas probably originated in the kitchen of the 17th century Peruvian embassy inspired by the imported Moorish cooks of the Viceroy who added local products. It may have its roots in Escabeche which is fried fish doused in a vinegary sauce used to preserving in the middle ages. The protein of the fish is firmed up by the application of citric acid and or vinegar thereby “cooking” it without heat but don’t macerate the fish too long or it will become mushy. Components can vary widely from one area to the next and virtually any fish can be used making adjustments for the protein structure of your selection. Limes, lemons or bitter oranges can supply the citrus and ingredients like toasted corn kernels, onions, sweet potato, or seaweed can be added along with the vinegar. Usually chilies and onions are added while celery, coriander, cilantro, avocado, parsley and tomatoes can also be used and if you wish you can also use canned clams, octopus or even tuna to add some body to the mix. The heat of your construct is moderated by the amount and or types of chilies you include

Here’s a short tutorial … remember the choice of protein is yours talipia works just fine

½ pound corvina, halibut, kingfish, shark or salmon

½ pound scallops, prawns oyster or lobster

1 cup lime or a combination of bitter orange, lime and lemon

To taste either fresh or canned chilies en Escabeche (pickled)

2 tablespoons sherry or balsamic vinegar

To taste fish sauce, dried shrimp/ base, or chicken powder

3 ounces olive oil, optional

2 tomatoes diced

1 white onion or white leek diced/sliced

1 avocado sliced or diced

To taste chopped cilantro


  1. Combine your choice of fish in a non reactive bowl add citrus juice, chilies, vinegar (you can use the vinegar from the chilies) and the fish sauce, shrimp, base or chicken powder
  2. Marinate about 3 hours, refrigerated, till fish becomes firm and opaque
  3. Gently fold in olive oil, tomato, onion/leek, avocado and cilantro
  4. Adjust taste with white pepper and chickenor shrimp  powder
  5. Marinate for another hour to let the flavors migrate

Traditionally served in a glass bowl but works just as well on a bed of greens, wrapped in a tortilla, or even as a sandwich filling with added cilantro and chilies.  Remember you can also include ingredients like chayote, jicama, noplalititos, mango, blanched sweet potato or plantains.