It’s often difficult to obtain decent Mexican sausage so we’ll just make up a batch of our own although it will be in bulk form and not in casings. This way you can control the amounts of fat and paprika/chili powder used, both often overdone in commercial varieties and if you want you can also throw in a little tripe as I like to. You can also use ground pork from the butcher or process by machine or hand.  In the provincial kitchen you’d  toast the chilies and grind the spices in a mortar but we’re going to use the preprocessed variety and we’ll just toast them up a bit to bring out the flavor. Pork here in Panama is quite lean so you might what to add some, olive oil or a bit of minced fresh pork or smoky bacon. If you’re not a purist you can also mix the pork with a little beef or any other protein and this sausage is usually removed from its casing to cook to don’t worry about your lack of casing.

Here’s a lengthy recipe in Spanish … but it easy to understand. In addition it’s a bit more sophisticated then the following

Pork or beef or chicken or fish minced

Pork fat back no matter what type of protein you’re using

4 medium, dried, toasted and ground chilies or chili powder

½ teaspoon each: oregano, cumin, cilantro, coriander and cloves

Chicken powder to taste

Fold the above ingredients together

You can add a bit of pureed chipotle if you like it spicy as I do