Eggs Pancho Villa

Kinda hokey but they taste great and presents well !!!  Serve with black beans topped with fresh Mexican cheese

Really Americanized but it so easy, looks great and taste like American Mexican comfort food. You can use English muffins, French fries, taco chips, bagels, rolls, thick sliced artisan bread or circles of masa {polenta}. This construct is kind of a “ eggs Benedict” knock off  and poaching the eggs is the most difficult part of the recipe.  The sauce base is simple jarred nacho sauce that you add purchased salsa or you own chilies, cilantro, onions, tomatoes, cumin, garlic, and oregano too for that signature touch. Poach your egg in boiling water that you’ve added some lemon juice or vinegar to since this makes the egg white firm up. You can also use any kind of protein you wish in place of the sliced ham used with eggs Benedict like chicken breast, salmon, shrimp, pork cutlets, beef filets  or even corned beef. A Mexican eggs Benedict

1 Jar store bought nacho cheese sauce

To taste store bought salsa, and pureed chipotle chilies …  maybe you can find them at your local market.

2 Tbs minced cilantro

A pinch of oregano and cumin

One cooked chicken breast, filet or pork medallion per person split

Two pieces or portions of base like muffins or rice cakes

Two poached eggs per person


1 Jar of store bought nacho cheese sauce

2 Tbs of minced fresh oregano, roasted red peppers, nopales, onions  etc


  • Combine your store bought salsa and chesse sauce ad add the fresh ingredients, heat
  • Prepare your bases, toast, fry, bake or microwave
  • Poach two eggs per person, or use egg rings like MacDonald’s and fry
  • Cook you protein component
  • Top the bases with your selected protein
  • Top the protein with a poached or fried egg
  • Cover the egg with the chesse sauce