Shredded Beef or Pork with Scramble Egg

Here’s a well done video recipe … choose any protein you like even store bought pot roast with a bit of chili powder mixed in.

This is one of my favorite breakfasts and in this case we’re going to use ropa viejas {old clothes} for the protein component. Of course you could use shredded carnitas, US style chipped beef, which in its whole form is known as cecina or tasajo in the Latin world after you soak or boil and shred it. Even better you use any type of braised pot roast or shank even the precooked variety that lurks in the meat department of your local supermarket and produce a stellar produce with the right amendments. I know a number of you are ready to flame me saying “that ain’t Mexican” well I’m looking for the essence of the cuisine not some finite rendition that really doesn’t exist. The beef in Mexico is a lot tougher since it doesn’t spend half its life at a feed lot and actually is an entirely different species {Brahma or Bos Indicus} so you won’t achieve authenticity anyway but whose to know.

The most important two points are to be sure and shred the protein and not mix the construct once in the pan to you have a flat cooked omelet like result instead of scrambled eggs.  If you live near a Hispanic market any you purchase some cecina or tasajo boil or steam the whole piece so you can easily shred it.

4 Ounces shredded machaca per person [you could just purchase “pot roast” from the supermarket deli or cold case]

2 Ounces fresh diced tomato

2 Ounces diced onion

To taste diced fresh or jarred jalapenos

To taste minced fresh cilantro, oregano and granulated chicken powder

3 Well beaten whole eggs per person

2 Ounces shredded or crumbled cheese of your choice



  • Saute the tomato, onions and jalapenos till soft
  • Add the herbs and granulated chicken base
  • Add the shredded protein, mix, increase heat to high, saute till  lightly browned
  • Add the beaten eggs, cook till solidified then turn and remove from heat
  • Sprinkle with cheese of your choice and serve open face with salsa